Sufi Samrat
Dewanbagi (M.A.)

Eid Mubarak
Eid e-Milad-un Nabi


Sufi Samrat
Established 12 Darbar Sharif in various districts

The Great Reformer, Reviver of Mohammadi Islam Sufi Samrat, the Emperor of Sufis, Hazrat Syed Mahbub-e-Khoda Dewanbagi (Maddazilluhul Ali) Hujur Qiblajan is the founder of Dewanbag Sharif. Dewanbag Sharif is one of the largest renowned Darbar Sharif (Spiritual Institution) in the world.

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There is a nation in my creations who guides with the Truth and establishes justice therewith.

(Surah Aaraf, verse 181)
stated by Almighty Allah in the Holy Qur'an.

Notice Board

Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi (S.A.W) 2017.

We are delighted to welcome you on the holy occasion of Ashek-E-Rasul (SM) Conference for  Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi (S.A.W) 2017 and convey our cordial & sincere greetings to you all. We express our gratitude to all those who are working hard to organize this event.

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About Sufi Samrat


On the previous night before the birth of Sufi Samrat Hazrat Dewanbagi (Maddazilluhul Ali), his mother dreamed that a Eid crescent had appeared in the sky. All people were rejoicing at the sight ...    

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Sufi Samrat Hujur Qibla says, “All the Prophets and Rasuls from Hazrat Adam (As) to the Last Prophet Muhammad (Sm) brought the Divine Message from Allah.Those who obey the decrees of that ages

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The great reformer Sufi Samrat Hazrat Dewanbagi Hujur Qibla is imparting lesson the people to be ideal in character and Ashek-e-Rasul and enables them to attain nearness to Allah and His Rasul (Sm).

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Sufi Articles

Sufism original science of creations

Sufism or Tasauf is the science to know about the Almighty. It is the science by which one can know the Indentify of Allah.

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Salat and It's Implementation

Salat (Prayer) is the most important pillar in Islam. Five times prayer in a day is compulsory for a believer.

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Encyclopedia of Spiritualism

Code of life in the light of the Holy Quran - Subject based tafsir - 'Tafsire Sufi Samrat Dewanbagi' is written by the author of Tafsir

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Dewanbag Sarif

  • 147 Arambag, Motijheel,
  • Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh.
  • 02-7192050
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