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The great reformer,reviver of Mohammadi Islam Sufi Emperor Shah Dewanbagi(Rh.) teaches people the way to reach Allah and the Prophet(pbuh) by making them ideal-charactered through the process of self-purification.Millions of people from home and abroad coming in his contact and receiving his holy teaching are having the peace of Islam in real-life and realise that Islam is a religion of eternal peace.

The four main teachings Sufi Emperor Shah Dewanbagi(Rh.) Hujur Qiblajan offers are-
1) Self-purification
2)Awakening heart
3)Concentration in prayer
4)To become a beloved of the Prophet(pbuh)


As stated in the holy Quran,”Successful is indeed one who purifies his soul.And doomed is the one who corrupts it.”[Sura:Shams,verse:9-10].The Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) said,“Beware, in the body there is a piece of flesh; if it is sound, the whole body is sound and if it is corrupt the whole body is corrupt, and hearken it is the heart.”[Muslim Sharif:1599].This important body part is Qalb(heart) which administer all the activities of a man.So,it becomes obvious that no prayer is answered by Allah if the Qalb isn’t purified.Now it is necessary to know how our Qalb(heart) gets impure and how we can purify it again.We human beings commint sin by the instigation of six evil instincts,i.e lust,rage,greed,illusion,vanity and vnvy.When we commit any sin,a dark mark appears on our heart.We can again purify our soul by receiving Fayez(spiritual luminance) from the Awliya-e-Keram(friends ouf Allah).That is why,Sufi Emperor Hujur Qiblajan instructs his disciples to follow Wazifa(daily activities) written by himself after five times prayer a day and also at late-night(the time of Rahmat) so that they can receive Fayez to purify themselves.

Awakening Heart:

As stated in the holy Quran,” He whose heart is receded from the dhikr(remembrance) of Allah is clearly misled.”[Sura:Zumar;verse:22]

Allah,the most exalted states in another verse of the holy Quran,”When you’ve finished prayer,remember Allah standing,sitting and lying.”[Sura: Nisa;verse:103]

Sufi Emperor Shah Dewanbagi(Rh.)Hujur Qiblajan says,”The heart where the dhikr(remembrance) of Allah doesn’t exist is dead.”As soon as a man embraces spiritual initiation of Mohammadi Islam from Sufi Emperor Hujur Qiblajan,the dhikr of Allah,Allah starts in his heart.Afterwards,when he continues following Wazifa activities regularly,the dhikr of Allah get established in his heart.Besides,Sufi Emperor Hujur Qiblajan instructs his disciples to stay focused always on the dhikr of Allah,Allah in heart whilst performing daily activities.He says,”If a man with the dhikr of Allah in heart falls into any trouble,he immediately gets help from Allah and most importantly he meets a death with Iman(faith).” That is why,Sufi Emperor Shah Dewanbagi(Rh.) Hujur Qiblajan teaches people the right way to awaken their heart with the dhikr of Allah so that they can die with Iman and have salvation in afterlife.

Concentration in Prayer:

Another important teaching of Sufi Emperor Shah Dewanbagi(Rh.) Hujur Qiblajan is performing Salat (ritual prayer in Islam) with unwaivering concentration.The Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) said in a Hadith,”The prayer that the worldly thoughts come in isn’t answered by Allah.” Allah states in the holy Quran, “So, woe to those who pray but heedless of their prayer.”[Sura:Maun;verse:4-5]

That’s why,Sufi Emperor Hujur Qiblajan teaches people the right way to perform Salat with unwaivering concentration freeing the mind from the worldly attachments and knowing Allah hajir(omnipresent) and najir(omniscient).If a person perform Salat following his instructions,then no worldly thoughts will interrupt his prayer and he’ll have blessings of prayer. The Prophet Hazrat Muhammad(pbuh) said,”Salat is the Meraj for a Mumin.”[Bukhari Sharif:413,426].Salat is supposed to keep a person away from all the sinful acts.If a person perform Salat with unwaivering attention into his Qalb following the instructions of Sufi Emperor Hujur Qiblajan,then he’ll have Meraj in Salat and such type of Salat will keep him away from all the sinful acts.


Becoming a Beloved of the Prophet(pbuh):

There is a verse in the holy Quran saying,” O Habib!Tell them-if you want to love Allah,follow me;then Allah will love you and forgive your sins.”[Sura:Al Imran;verse:31].The Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) said in a Hadith,”The person who won’t be able to love me more than his life,parents,children,wife,property and anything of his life won’t be a Mumin(believer) by any way.[Bukhari Sharif,1st volume, page-7;Muslim Sharif,page-49]. Sufi Emperor Shah Dewanbagi(Rh.) Hujur Qiblajan says,”Iman refers to having love towards the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh).A man is believer as much as he loves the Prophet(pbuh).” As we,the followers of the Prophet Muhammad(pbubh) will have no salvation in afterlife without his testimony,it’s our utmost duty to love the Prophet(pbuh) more than anything of our life.The people contemporary with the Prophet(pbuh) had the opportunity to come in his contact and see him directly and thus love him.But fourteen hundred years after the Prophet(pbuh) has deceased,we no more have that opportunity to see the Prophet(pbuh) physically and love him.Fortunately, the people of this modern age also have the opportunity to be a beloved of the Prophet(pbuh) by coming in contact with Sufi Emperor Hujur Qiblajan and following his holy teaching.When a person,after taking initiation of Mohammadi Islam from him,recites Darud and Milad regularly on the beloved Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) with adoration as per the instructions of Sufi Emperor Hujur Qibla,the love of the Prophet(pbuh) grows in him to a great extent and the Prophet(pbuh) blesses him with his didar(holy meeting) either in dream or in mediation.This is how Sufi Emperor Shah Dewanbagi Hujur Qiblajan makes millions of beloveds of the Prophet(pbuh) across the globe.


Sufi Emperor's explanation of the Principles of Islam

The great reformer,reviver of Mohammadi Islam Hazrat Shah Dewanbagi(Rh.) is one of the greatest Tasawwuf researcher the world has ever got.Those who had the opportunity to come in his contact and learn about the Creator and creations following his teaching can easily realise how much sagacious he is and how profound his knowledge on the holy Quran and Hadith is.From the scientific viewpoint, his religious view is completely research based.He explained the fundamental aspects of Islam very insightfully that very realistically relate to human life.As a result of it,people are now becoming more aware of following religion from a realistic point of view than ever.They’re now getting the taste of observing religion in real life.Many of his explanations of the fundamental aspects of Islam have hugely been appreciated in the civil society.They have been given below-Kalimah & its realistic explanation:-

Sufi Emperor Shah Dewanbagi (Rh.) Hujur Qiblajan discovered the secret of Kalimah and clarified its underlying teaching to the mankind.He says,”Every Kalimah is a phase of our spiritual development on the way of gaining fulfilment in Iman(faith).For instance,in order to pass Master’s degree, a learner needs to pass all the levels successfully from class one to Masters.Only then,he is given the Master’s-degree certificate.In the same way,a person seeking fulfilment in his Iman(faith) must pass the trials of Kalimah successfully.Then,he can practically experience the significance of Kalimah. Sufi Emperor Hujur Qiblajan says more about the significance of Kalimah,”Kalimah isn’t merely a phrase to pronounce verbally.In order to have fulfilment in Iman through allegiance to the representatives of Allah,a seeker is to move towards Iman in different phases and he can gradually experience the reality of Kalimah in four different stages through his spiritual attainment.” In this way,Sufi Emperor Shah Dewanbagi(Rh.) Hujur Qiblajan clarified the inner teaching of Kalimah to the Muslim world that helps them to exercise the teaching of Kalimah in real life.


Salat & its right way of implementation:-

Salat is the ritual prayer of the Muslims.It is considered the best form of worship in the Islamic tradition.Sufi Emperor Shah Dewanbagi(Rh.) Hujur Qiblajan says,”It is essential for every Muslim male and female to perform Salat knowing its Haqiqah(reality).” According to him,there are some prerequisites to perform Salat fruitfully.They are as follows-

1)Complete submission to Allah.
3)Unwaivering attention in Salat.

The Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) said in the narrative of a Hadith from Bukhari Sharif(Hadith no-426),”When a believer stands in Salat,he talks to Allah.” Sufi Emperor Shah Dewanbagi(Rh.) says,”Salat is the way for a believer to meet Allah,so it should be performed correctly.”Through Salat,a devotee can communicate with Allah; talk to him as well as seek forgiveness,mercy and whatever he needs from Allah.The main objective of Salat is to form the Ahammadi character in a worshipper.’Ahammad’ is the another name of the holy Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) which means ‘absolutely exalted’. The Arabic word أحمد (Ahammad) consists of four Arabic letters Alif,Ha,Mim,Daal.A worshipper accomplishes different physical postures in every rakat(unit) of Salat like those four letters.When a worshipper stands in prayer,it resembles the Arabic letter ‘ا'(Alif).When he goes to Ruku(bowing down),it resembles the Arabic letter ‘هـ'(Ha).Similarly,when he performs Sijdah(bowing down),it resembles the Arabic letter ‘مـ‍'(Mim).Finally when the worshipper sits down to finish Salat,this sitting posture resembles the Arabic letter ‘د'(Daal).

In this way,the combination of these four Arabic letters forms the word ‘Ahammad’ which implies a worshipper needs to cultivate the exalted character of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) through Salat.Such type of Salat helps a person refrain from all sorts of sins and the beauties of Nur-e-Mohammadi character radiate through him.For example,when a person offers Fazr(dawn) Salat with unwaivering attention in his Qalb(heart),then the ‘Sudurer Mokam’ of his Qalb opens.Then,one kind of Nur(light) reflects from his Qalb.If he goes deeper into his Qalb,he observes a light coming from the distance.If he advances more into his Qalb,he notices Allah standing before him.When it happens,different persons have different experiences.Someone cries unconsciously;sometimes different body parts of a worshipper shiver out of fear.In the end,the worshipper will have endless serenity in his heart. Sufi Emperor Hujur Qiblajan says,”If anybody seeks to implement the true teaching of Salat in his life,he will have to come in contact with such a great man who knows the way to witness Allah in Salat.If he really can implement the teaching of Salat in his life,no sin will touch him and he’ll have didar(holy meeting) of Allah in Salat.”


Sawm & its right way to observe:-

Fasting is called Sawm in the Islamic tradition.It is also known as Rozah in the non Arab Muslim countries.It literally means to abstain from food,drinks and sexual activity. It is stated in the holy Quran that Allah says,”O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may develop Takwa (God-consciousness).”[Sura:Bakara;verse:175] Sufi Emperor Shah Dewanbagi(Rh.) Hujur Qiblajan says,”Through fasting the believers can purify themselves.If the soul isn’t purified,no worship can be performed correctly.If a person isn’t free from the provocation of six evil-instincts,he can’t completely submit himsel to Allah and can’t earn proper devotion in worship.Fasting,by bringing the unruly evil-instincts under control,widens the path of performing every worship purely.

The prophet Muhammad(pbuh) said in a Hadith,”Everything has a door and the Sawm is the door of Salat.”Depending on the Fayez a Sawm observer receives,the Prophet(pbuh) divides the month of Ramadan into three parts.The first ten days is to seek mercy(Rahmat) from Allah,the second ten days is to seek forgiveness(Magfirat) of Allah and the last tend days is to have redemption(Najat) from hellfire.It is stated in the Hadith-e-Kudsi that Allah says,”Sawm is for me and I myself is its reward in return.” Sufi Emperor Shah Dewanbagi(Rh.) Hujur Qibla depicts the Haqiqah(reality) of fasting by classifying it into three categories.They are-1)Ordinary class of fasting 2)Moderate class of fasting 3)Superior class of fasting.

He says,”Ordinary class of fasting refers to only abstaining from food,drinks and sexual intercourse.Moderate class of fasting is to abstain from food,drinks,sexual intercourse and at the same time not letting any ill-thought come into mind.Abstaining from food,drinks,sexual intercourse,not indulging in any ill-thought as well as engaging oneself always in the remembrance and contemplation of Allah is the superior class of fasting.This class of fasting is mainly observed by the Awliya-e-Keram.” In regard to the Haqiqah of fasting,Sufi Emperor Hujur Qibla says more,”If an animal is tied to a tree from dawn to dask without food and drinks,then its condition can’t be called Sawm by any means.The same goes with a person who only starves from dawn to dask but can’t keep himself away from sinful thoughts and acts.” Sufi Emperor Shah Dewanbagi(Rh.) practically teaches the way of observing Sawm in line with the holy Quran and Hadith so that people can reach Allah as the award of observing Sawm perfectly.

Hajj and the right way to perform it :-

Hajj is the ritual pilgrimage of the Muslims to the holy city Makkah in Saudi Arabia.The word ‘Hajj’ literally means to make a vow.According to the Islamic tradition,after accomplishing some specific activities,paying a visit to the house of Kaaba,gathering in the plains of Mount Arafat and finally making a vow to lead the rest of life on the basic teachings of Islam is called Hajj.The Prophet of the world Hazrat Muhammad(pbuh) performed the only Hajj of his life in 10th Hijri.It is called the farewell Hajj.While performing Hajj on 9th Jilhazz,he directed all the pilgrims to gather in the field of Arafat.Then, he described in details the fundamental teachings of Islam to them and wanted to know if he had performed the duties assigned to him perfectly or not.All present there answered in the affirmative that he had done it perfectly.Then,a message was revealed on the Prophet(pbuh) saying,”Today I’ve perfected for you your religion and fulfilled my favour upon you.”[Sura:Mayeda;verse:3]

Performing Hajj is a mandatory religious duty for every solvent Muslim male and female.Those who are physically,mentally and financially capable of travelling to Makkah should perform Hajj at least once in their lifetime.Hajj is a obligatory worship particularly for the rich Muslims,as they are excessively attached to the worldly affairs.It has been made mandatory for them so that they can realise the futility of the transitory worldly life and turn towards religion.Through performing different rites of Hajj,a pilgrim can prepare himself physically and mentally to observe religion.For example,wearing two pieces of seamless clothes in Ihram,becoming baldly headed and walking bare footed;all these activities take the pilgrim closer to a death-like feeling.Abandoning everything worldly in the state of Ihram makes a man think deeply about Allah,death and the life hereafter.

The Prophet(pbuh) said,”You experience another death before you die;behave with others as if you’re dead and free yoursef from the worldly attachments.”A dead person can’t kill any living being.Similarly,a pilgrim can’t kill anybody when he is in the state of Ihram.Even though, the pilgrims follow this prohibition fully,yet it doesn’t prove that their enmity has finished completely.To make it sure,they’re to sacrifice an animal which symbolically means they’re killing their enmity towards anybody.When the pilgrims perform Tawaf(circumambulation) of the house of Kaaba and gather in the field of Arafat,they remember about their sins as well as the sins of their forefathers.As a result of it,a strong feeling of repentance arises in them and they become restless to have forgiveness of Allah.For the offence of tasting fruit from the prohibited tree,Hazrat Adam(As.) had to be in absolute isolation from Mother Hawa(As.) for a long time.He cried profusely for long 390 years to have forgiveness from Allah but in vain.Finally,when he sought forgiveness of Allah with reference to the holy prophet Muhammad(pbuh),Allah instantly forgave him of his sin.Then,after burning in the fire of separation from Mother Hawa(As) for a long time,finally Hazrat Adam(As.) had reunion with her in the field of Arafat.This historical event inspires the pilgrims to have forgiveness of Allah,when they gather in the field of Arafat.Hazrat Ibrahim(As.) built the house of Kaaba and lived in it.His followers,as a sign of reverence and allegiance,walked around it seven times.Our prophet Hazrat Muhammad(pbuh) also performed Tawaf(circumambulation) around the house of Kaaba while performing Hajj after the conquest of Makkah.As we’re the followers of Hazrat Muhammad(pbuh) and Hazrat Ibrahim(As.) is the father of entire Muslim ummah,we also perform seven times circumambulation of the house of Kaaba as a demonstration of reverence and devotion to our forefathers.

When the pilgrims move towards Mina to sacrifice animal,on the way they throw stones on satan.It is also a sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim(As.).As the story goes,when Hazrat Ibrahim(As.) was heading towards Mina to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ismail(As.),Satan provoked Hazrat Ismail(As.) as to he doesn’t give consent to be sacrificed.Then, Hazrat Ibrahim(As.) advised his son to throw stones on the satan to drive them away.Similarly,a man seeking proximity to Allah is confronted with different obstacles created by the Nafs(physical body) satan.He needs to overcome all these limitations with courage and complete reliance on his spiritual guide.

After accomplishing Qurbani (sacrifice) in Mina,the pilgrims pay a visit to the holy shrine of beloved prophet Muhammad(pbuh) in Medina.At this time,they become overwhelmed with love of the Prophet(pbuh) and keep on crying profusely to have didar(holy meeting) of him. The Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) said in the narrative of a Hadith,”The heart of a Mumin(believer) is the throne of Allah.”So,it becomes obvious from this Hadith that the heart of a believer is more valuable than the house of Ibrahim built of concrete.” Therefore,it is necessary to follow the the instructions of the Awliya-e-Keram who are the possessors of the throne of Allah to perform Hajj effectively.Many people from around the world come to Sufi Emperor Shah Dewanbagi(Rh.) to take advices from him before going on pilgrimage.Following his instructions they successfully perform Hajj that truly serves the purpose of Hajj

Zakat & its Significance:-

Zakat(almsgiving) is one of the five pillars of Islam.It literally means ‘that which purifies’.It is a mandatory religious duty of all Muslims who meet the necessary criteria of wealth. Allah states in the holy Quran,”Those who establish prayer, pay zakat, and have sure faith in the hereafter.It is they who are truly guided by their Lord, and it is they who will be successful.”[Sura:Luqman;Verse:4-5] It is never easy for anybody to share a part of their hard-earned wealth with others.But Allah the Most Merciful has made such a decree that the rich willingly pay from their wealth to the poor.The poor have right to the wealth of the rich.If the rich fulfil the right of the poor by paying Zakat for the cause of Allah,their wealth won’t decrease,rather will increase and be purified.Paying Zakat is a kind of sacrifice of wealth made by the rich from which they become benefitted.The benefit is that they earn the satisfaction of Allah and the Prophet(pbuh) by fulfilling this important decree of Islam.

Charity is a noble virtue.On the one hand the poor find some sustenance to survive from the Zakat the rich give,on the other hand the rich can detach them from the instinct of greed and concentrate on the remembrance and worship of Allah.As a result of it,the eternal teachings of Islam- kindness,solidarity and brotherhood get established in society reducing the disparity between the poor and rich.Charity is one of the characteristics of the true believers. Allah states in the holy Quran,”Those who establish regular prayer and spend from what I’ve given them(for sustenance) are the true believers.”[Sura:Al Anfal,verse:3]

Great saint Hazrat Abdul Kadir Jilani(Rh.) says in the book ‘Sisrul Asrar written by himself,”The portion of the wealth that remains after using as sustenance at the end of the year should be distributed among the poor and this is called Zakat.And the money or portion of wealth given to the saints for self development is called ‘Zakat of Tariqa’.Allah solely owns all the resources we consume in the world.He bestows from it upon whomever he wills. In regard to Zakat Sufi Emperor Hujur Qiblajan says,”Donating a portion from the wealth of the rich is the exoteric aspect of Zakat.But earning the satisfaction of Allah the Prophet(pbuh) to reach them by giving Zakat is its esoteric aspect. Sufi Emperor Shah Dewanbagi Hujur Qiblajan teaches people the right way of paying Zakat as per the direction of Allah in the holy Quran and explanation of the Prophet(pbuh) in Hadith so that people can purify their wealth as wll as themselves for higher spiritual development

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