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Sufi Article

Imam Dr. Arsafm Qudrat E Khoda

Sufism: Original science of creations

Abstract: Sufism or Tasauf is the science to know about the Almighty. It is the science by which one can know the Indentify of Allah. Mainly science is tow types, one is worldly science and another is spiritual science. It is a great spiritual science which is called Elmul Qalb, Elme Mukashfia, Elme Ladunni, Elme Marifat. Through practicing Sufism all Prophets, Rasuls and Awali- e-keram communicate with Allah. In fact by studying the science and having ascetic spiritual practice, one can get the characteristics of Allah, by purifying oneself and build excellent character as well as can attain the virtues of Ahsraful Makhlukat (best creations of Allah)

Keywords: Sufism, Tasauf, Soul, Morshed, Fayez, Morakaba, Ohi, Kashf, Fanafillah, Shariat, Marifat, Miracle, Tajkiya-e- Nafs.

Sufism is knowledge to reach the Almighty. It is the only right path to communicate With Almighty Allah. From Hazrat Adam (As) to the Great Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sm) every Prophets and Rasuls communicated Wih the Creator by practicing Sufism. After the Nabuwat (prophethood) Awlia-e-keram(friends of Allah). The main theme of Sufism is the existence of Allah in human qalb (heart). In this regard Allah says in the holy Quran, “I stay in you. Don’t you see Me?” (Al-Quran; 51:21)

Firstly, We have to fell attraction for Allah; secondly we have to tell the desire for his love. Then we must fall in love with the Almighty. After that we must completely surrender to Allah by purifying ourselves. Then we have to communicate with Him. When we establish communication With Allah, gradually His Mercy will bestow upon us. At this stage Allah will give us command to the right path, Which path He Wants. Then Allah will reveal for us. In fact, Sufism or Tasauf means to become like the Sifat (Attributes) of Allah. Through the close contact with Morshed (Spiritual Guide) we must attain Sufism.

Sufism or Tasauf is defined as the inner mystical dimension or psycho-spiritual dimension of Islam. Practitioners of Sufism referred to as Sufis, often belong to different tariqa (spiritual orders) –congregations formed around a Morshed (Spiritual Guide) who maintains a direct chain of teachers back to the prophet Muhammad (Sm) . Sufis regard Muhammad (Sm) as their leader and prime spiritual guide.

This science is also called Elmul Qalb, Ellme Mukashifa, Elme Ladunni, Elme Marifat. Through practicing Tasauf, all prophets, Rasuls and Awali-e-Keram communication with Allah . In fact Tasauf is the Science of direct knowledge of Allah.

Sufism in the light of holy Quran and holy hadith
According to sufi Doctrine a number of verses in Quran provide clear support for their mysticism. They believe that Prophet Muhammmad (Sm) has said that every verse of the Quran has “an outside and an inside”- a belief clearly in line with their quest for the Haqiqah (reality).

In fact, Sufism really has its roots in the Quran itself and in the religious experience of Prophet Muhammad (SM).Ernst says, “The Quran, the sacred scripture of islam, is unquestionably of central importance to any understanding of Sufism.” Allah says, “Allah is nearer to him (man) than his jugular vein.”(Al-Quran; 50:16)
He says in another place, “He is the First and the last and manifest and the Hidden.” (Al- Quran; 57:3)
And He is with you wheresoever ye may be. And Allah sees will all that ye do. (Al-Quran; 57:4)
“Than do you remember Me; I will remember you .Be grateful to me, and reject not Faith.
(All-Quran; 2:152)
Those whom I have derailed have no Morshed in their fate. (All-Quran; 18:17)
O Rasul! Those who accept bayet (allegiance) from you, they are actually accepting bayet from allah; Allah’s Hand is on their hands.(AL-Quran;48:10)
Thorne of Allah is in the heart of mumen. (Al Hadith)
The prophet (Sm) said: Everything has a Zaher (exoteric) and a baten (esoteric). Body of a man is his zaher and ruh is his baten.
A mumen is more honorable than Kaba. (Abu Daud Sharif)

The Sufi’s knowledge of Allah comes from the Quaran and the Hadith directly. The Quran contains instructions suitable to man with varying levels of spirituality. It satisfies those who are content with merely exoteric practices,but also contains the deepest and most profound esoteric meaning for those who desire a closer , more mystical relationship with Allah.

The Encyclopedia of Islam
Sufism is the science of direct knowledge of God; its doctrines ande methods are derived from the Quran and Islamic revelation. Thus despite any borrowings and influences from exterior sources,the essence of Sufism is purely Islamic; it does not spring from persian philosophies, Shiism,Christianity,Philosophies antiquity or any other source.

Sufi Quotes
Our own heart is the living place of the Universe’s essence.-Hazrat Farid Uddin Attar (Rh) The distinctive aspect of mysticism is something that can not be understood by study, but only by dhawq[tasting/immediate experience]-Hazrat Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali(Rh)

For thirty years I sought God.But When I reassessed the situation,I realized that it was He who sought me.-Hazrat Bayazid Bostami(Rh)

The thing we tell of can never be found be seeking,yet only seeking,yet only seekers find it.- Hazrat Mansur AL- Hallaj(RH)

I saw my lord with the eye of the heart .I said, “Who are you.” HE said, “You. “-Mhhammad Ibnul Arabi (RH)
if you-wandering Sufi-are looking for the supreme treasure,do not look outside.Look within, and seek thet.-Hazrat Jalaluddin Rumi(RH)

Sufi Samrat Dewanbagi regarding the explanation of sufism
The great reformer, Reviver of Muhammadi Islam Sufi Samrat Hazrat Syed Mahabub-e-khoda Dewanbagi (Maddazilluhul Ali)Hujur Qibla explained about Sufism very beautifully and easily.

Sufi Samrat says – Sufism or Tasauf is the science to know about Allah . It’s the science by which one can know the Identity of Allah. Peace in Worldly life and salvation in after world both are found straightly from Allah. The science,by whice man can possess ideal character,
can control six instincts and can sayer(spritual travel)or higher stage is called Tasauf.

In the different ages, Prophets and Rasul got the diginity for the science is Tasauf.Every prophet and Rasul was learned in Elme Tasauf.Mainly science is two types,one is worldly science and another is spiritule science. Tasauf is a great spiritual science. Because in spiritual world, so much knowledge regarding is gained by studying Tasauf.

Through the knowledge of Tasaufe, Prophets and Rasuls could know about the result of Doomsday and FInal Day of Judgment. A person who gained the special knowledge of Tasauf can travel spiritually from one place to another place of the world within a moment. Knowledge regarding Tasauf can be gained by the help of Elmul Qalb. And the learning is called Qalbi knowledge. The Prophets and Rasuls were literate in Qalbi konwledge(spiritual knowledge).

There are diseasea in human body; smilarly there are diseases in soul. A boddy consists of five senses and it needs food and similarly soul needs food .A boddy needs foods and drinks and a soul needs Fayez (flow of love) and the Dhikr of Allah. Trough Sufi attainment, man can awake spiritual five sense. When a man can be able to awake the five spiritual senses, one by one, his spiritual eyes, ears and mouth opens. By achieving this gradually, a Sufi saint can know information spiritually. If a Sufi saint can reach the higher attainment, he can annihilate with Allah. In the language of Tasauf, this stage is called ‘Fanafillah’—Extinct with Allah.

Rabbul Alamin, the Magnificent declaration in the holly Quran, “ O Muhammad (Sm)! When you threw sand to the enemies, it’s not you but I. “(All-Quran; 8:17)

It’s noted that in the battle of Badar, to capture the enemies, Hazrat Rasul (Sm) threw some send. Sahaba-e-Keram saw that Rasul (Sm) himself threw sand. But Allah said in the holy Quran, Allah Himself threw that sand. In The word, at that time Rasul (Sm) was annihilated nearer through Nafal prayers (optional prayers) that I accepthim as My friend. At time, I become his ears by whice he hears, I become his eyes by which he sees,I become his hands by which he holds, and I become his feet by which he moves.”

In Sufi attainment, there are five wayes to communicate with Allah. These are Fayez, Kashf (visualization), Morakaba (spiritual meditation), Ohi (divine revelation) and dream. So by Five methods or ways, a man can communicate with Allah.

Importance of practicing Sufism
Allah sent 1 lac and 24 thousands Prophets and Rasuls in this world. All of them attained Elme Tasauf. Allah sent Rasul (Sm) as their leader as the best and most beautiful ideal for human beings. He was the greatest Teacher of human beings.

Allah has given the Shariah rules for human beings as He has also given the Marifat. Imam Abu Hanifa (Rh) says, “The Fiqah (Shariat) purifies man’s wordly (externally) said and Tasauf purifies man’s Baten (internally).”

The holy Quran is fulfilled with Shariat and Marifat. Hazrat Rasul (Sm) attained the revelation of Resalat (prophethood) from Allah and it is Muhammad (Sm)’s achievement of Tasauf. He turned the barbarous Arabs into a civilized nation through the teachings of Elme Tasauf.

Being learned with Elme Tasauf, Hazrat Musa (AS) talked to Allah; He made across the Red Sea by the blew of his stick; Hazarat Ibrahim (As) was saved though he was thrown in fire; Harat Daud (As) understood the language of birds and animals; Hazrat Sulaiman (As) moved on the air; Hazrat Isa (As) made the dead alive and gave the blind eyesight; Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) divided the moon into two halves by pointing finger. The fourth caliph of Islam Hazrat Ali Karramallahu Wazhahu broke an iron door panel of eight hundred and a half mound weight of Khamus Fort and fought using as a shield of his left hand. It is noted that Hazrat Ali (Ra)’s qalb was fulfilled with Knowledge of Tasauf. So many miracles were happened in his time.
In the age of belayet, Boropir Hazrat abdul Kader Jilani (Rh) gave lives to the bride, bridegroom, and their companions who drowned in the river twelve years ago; Hazrat Khawja Moinuddin Chistti (Rh) brought water from Ana Sagar (Ana lake) and then the Ana Sagar became dry; Hazarat Muzadded Al A Fesani (Rh) destroyed the Din-e-Elahi of Emperor Akber; Hazrat Shajalal (Rh) crossed the surma river by the Zainamaj on the river , Imam Syed Abul Fazal Sultan Ahmad Chandrapuri (Rh)gave light to the blind. All of them Awlia-e-Keram performed those miracles through Elme Tasauf.

At the present age, through the knowledge of Elme Tasauf, with the touch in the qalb of human Sufi Hazrat Dewanbagi (Maddazilluhul Ali) Hujur Qiblajan activates the Dhikr of Allah man’s qalb. Through the knowledge of Tasauf a man can purify the soul, completely surrender to Allah, getting His identity.

It has been stated in the holy Quran, “The man who keeps his soul pure, is successful. And the man makes his soul impure is ruined.” (Al-Quran; 91: 10-11)
Hazrat Rasul (Sm) said, “Be careful! There is a piece of flesh in human body when that piece of flash becomes pure, the entire body becomes pure, and if that pice of flash becomes polluted, the entire body becomes pulluted aned that is qalb (heart).” (Bukhari Sharif)

My Opinion
Since the inception of the universr every Prophet and Rasul enlightened their inside (qalbs) knowledge of Allah, is called Sufism. By stundying the science and having ascetic spiritual practice, one ca get characteristics of Allah, by purifying oneself and build excellent character. He can get the diginity as the representative of Allah. Man can learn about Allah, creation and the universe. He can attain the virtues of Asraful Makhlukat (best creations of Allah).

Sufism is the original scicene of creation. The beginning of Tasauf was in the time of Hazrat Adam (As). It is called ‘Tajkiya-e-Nafs’ or “Elmul Qalb” in the holy Quran. And every Prophet and Rasul inspired mankind to get free from sin and get salvation. Tasauf is named with various terms in times. Every prophet and Rasul taught human beings to make their souls transparent and luminous. The reason is that the purified soul reflects the supreme existence.
It has been stated in the holy Quran, “Allah is the Luminous Existence of the sky and the earth.” (Al-Quran; 24:35) Tasauf is the soul of Islam and the Shariat is its body. There are two things- one is body and other is soul. there is no valu of body without soul as the soul without body turns into a dead body. There are also two sides in Islam- internal and external. The external side is Shariat and the internal is Marifat.

According to the holy Quran and the Hadith, Allah the Magnificent has given the special knowlwdge of Sufism ar Tasauf to all the prophets, Rasul and Awlia-e-Keram. This is the science a man can atain purification of soul and get the nearness to Allah, can know the mystery of the Creator and creations as well as make himself as representative of Allah.

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[Writer: Co-ordinator and Solution Provider, Dewanbag Sharif; Assistant Professor, Dept. of Islamic Studies, Fareast International University, Dhaka.]