Shanti Kon Pothey? (Which is the way of Peace?)
The readers will realize that Islam is the religion of peace by reading this book. Explanations and analysis' of 39 questions of great Men regarding Islam have been presented in this book based on Sufism. The readers going through this book will gain theoretical knowledge that will lead them to ultimate serenity.

Mukti Kon Pothey? (Which is the way of salvation?)
Different explanations on Islam given by the Islamists of various schools, have been obstructed men to find out the right path. In this regard, to gain the realistic knowledge on Islam the book "Mukti Kon Pothey" will provide the right guidelines for the readers. Answers of 50 questions have been presented in this book that will show the readers the way of light.

Wazifa (Rules and tasks to be followed in everyday prayers)
Through hard perseverance and spiritual meditation the reverent Sufi Emperor has composed the Wazifa of Mohammadi Islam focussing on the Holy Quran and Hadith. Following which one can be of ideal character getting acquainted with Allah and the Prophet(pbuh). Maintaining this wazifa is very important to walk a step foeward in the journey of gaining Allah.

Allah'r Noikotto Laver Shohoz Poth (The Easy way to Get Closer to Allah).
In the book "Allah'r Noikotto Laver Shohoz Poth" the reverent Sufi Emperor focused on the importance and explanation of the Wazifa (rules and tasks to be followed in everyday prayer) of Mohammadi Islam. Going through this book the readers get known to the usefulness of executing the wazifa as well as will be inspired to execute the wazifa.

The Revolutionary Contribution of Sufi Emperor: Allah Kon Pothey? (Which is the way of Allah?)
The book "Allah Kon Pothey?" has been composed in the light of divine knowledge gained through spiritual pursuit. The Sufi Emperor presented in this book in the light of the Holy Quran and the Hadith that The Prophets, the Messengers, the Supreme spiritual Guide of the era, the Awlias (friends of Allah), the Sufis (saints) became acquainted with Allah and the Prophet(pbuh) through the divine knowledge gained by spiritual pursuit.

Towards the Revelation of the self-identity of the Creator, the Sufi Emperor: "Is Allah Really not Seen?"
The Sufi Emperor presented the Identity of Allah, the most Merciful, in this book through the divine knowledge gained through spiritual pursuit in conformity with the light of the Holy Quran and the Hadith. The several issues regarding Allah's Identity of Origination is described in this book, compiled in 12 chapters. The Sufi Emperor has proved that Allah is of divine Light, He has shape as his own, He is not shapeless. Through reading this book, a man of inquisitive mind shall have revealed the new dimension of the knowledge of Sufism.

Ezider Chokrante Mohammadi Islam (Mohammadi Islam in the Conspiracy of Yazid).
The Sufi Emperor has disclosed the real picture of Mohammadi Islam along with its magnificent teachings and norms of Hazrat Rasul (pbuh) as one end, and on the other side, how Yazid bin Muabia established the Yazidi Islam, under the patronization of the state mechanism, after the brutal killing of Hazrat Hussain (Rd.), the Grand son of the Prophet, at Karbala also been described elaborately. The difference between the Mohammadi Islam and Yazidi Islam shall be evident by reading this book.

Revolutionary Religious Reformation of Sufi Emperor (Volume I & II)
Sufi Emperor has published the book named "The Revolutionary Religious Reformation of Sufi Emperor in 2 volumes, exploring the context of the real Islam of the Prophet (pbuh), before the world, eliminating the mela fide penetrated prejudices in Islam, in the light of His extraordinary intellect, wisdom and long-sighted prudence and analysis and divine knowledge. Among more than hundred of religious and social reformation of this scholastic Great Man in the world, 19 have been inserted in volume-I and 23 in volume-II. The penetrated prejudices and the vague and void misconceptions on Islam shall be eliminated through the study of these 2 books.

Manoter Nirdeshika (Guidelines for the Mannat [Voluntary Promise])
The advises for eliminating the sorrows of human life, given by the Sufi Emperor, regarding diseases and pains, distresses and hardships are focused in brief in the book, named "Manoter Nirdeshika" (Guidelines for Mannat [Voluntary Promise]). By the grace of Allah people will be benefited by following the guidelines stated in this book with complete faith.

Sufi Emperor Hazrat Dewanbagi in the War of Liberation.
The liberation movement and the role of the Sufi Emperor in the liberation war have been focused in the book "Sufi Emperor in the War of Liberation" by the eminent writer Prof. Dr. Syed M. Saidur Rahman Al Mahabubi. The issue of the immense love of a world best Awlia (the friend of Allah) to his Motherland has been illustrated in this book.

Adarsha Romoni Hazrat Maa Fatima (Rd.) (The Ideal Woman Mother Fatima [Rd.]).
Hazrat Syeda Hamida, wife of Sufi Emperor, Qutub-al-Akhtab (Head of the land guard Awlias) has written "Adarsha Romoni Hazrat Maa Fatima (Rd.) (The Ideal Woman Mother Fatima [Rd.]). How far the immense love for Allah and the Prophet (pbuh) one should have nourish, that would be perceived from the life of Mother Fatima (Rd.) through studying this book. Especially, one can have the clear guidelines by studying this book, regarding, how a woman can be entitled to the highest dignity through religious perseverance and worship.

The Glorious Life of Rahamatallil A'lamin
The eldest daughter of the Sufi Emperor, the eminent author Qutub al Aqtab Dr. Syeda Tahmina Sultana has composed the biographical book, "The Glorious Life of Rahamatallil A'lamin", illustrating the true identity of the Prophet (pbuh). The author in this book through her spiritual wisdom illustrated the glorious and enlightened life of the Universal Prophet (pbuh) very beautifully. By going through this book many unknown information about the life of Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh),

Du Diner Khela Ghor (Fascinating Games Room for a Little Time)
Remarkable writer, the beloved elder daughter of the Sufi Emperor Qutub-al-Akhtab Dr. Syeda Tahmina Sultana has presented some of her divine spiritual knowledge, that she gained through her deepest spiritual sight, as articles and in the rhymes of poems, in her book named "Du Diner Khela Ghor". This book, written in simple, easy and spontaneous language, shall show the readers the right path.

The role of Poetry and Gazal's (Religious songs in Islam) in spreading out religion is undeniable. Renowned writer Qutub al Akhtab, Dr. Syeda Tahmina Sultana has included a cluster of her selected poems on several issues regarding Allah, Hazrat Prophet (pbuh), Morshed (spiritual guide) Religion, social and individuals in her poetry book "Dishari". Through reading the poems, sprouted from the bottom of the heart of the poet, the readers shall get the guidelines for leading their life.

Sufibad Er Atma Porichoy O Kromobikasher Ontoray (The Inner Exposure of Sufism and the Obstructions of it's Gradual Development).
The second daughter of the Sufi Emperor remarkable author Professor Dr. Syeda Taklima Sultana has written the book "Sufibad er Atma Porichoy O Kromobikash er Ontoray" in the light of her knowledge gained through spiritual perseverance. The explanation regarding the Sufism, given by the Sufi Emperor, is presented in this book in the light of holy Quran an Hadith. It will be evident through reading this book that the Sufism is the most ancient science of the creation and the humankind is able to get acquainted with the identity of Allah trough this extra ordinary knowledge.

Morshed er Dorbare Murider Koronio". (The Duties of the Disciples to be performed in the sacred preaching place of the Spiritual Guide.)
The second son of the Sufi Emperor Imam Dr. Arsafm Qudrat E Khoda composed the book named "Murshid er Dorbare Murider Koronio" based on his spiritual and practical knowledge. By reading this book it will be evident to the murids (disciples) that in order to improve the spiritual perseverance, it is inevitable to perform the rules regarding prayers (Wazifa) along with serving in the sacred place of the Sufi Shyakh (the Spiritual Guide) and to maintain the values. The book will play vital role as guidelines for all the disciples.