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Philosophy of Sufi Samrat Dewanbagi

Mohammadi Islam

The world prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) preached the religion for the salvation of Mankind that is the Mohammadi Islam. It is based on the religion that was preached as well as established by Hazrat Rasul (Sm).
In the holy Quran, Allah says “Certainly Islam is the only religion of Allah.” So, it is observed all the Prophets and Rasuls from Hazrat Adam (As) to the Last Prophet Mohammad Rasul (Sm) preached Islam. That is why, the kalema of Adam (As)’s followers was, “La Ilaha Illallahu Adam Safiullah.” During Hazrat Nuh (As) the Kalema was “La Illaha Illahu Nuh Nabiullah.” During Hazrat Ibrahim (As) the kalema was, “La Illaha Illallahu Ibrahim Khalilullah.” During Hazrat Musa (As) the kalema was, “La Illaha Illallahu Musa Kalimullah.” During Hazrat Isa (As) the kalema was, “La Illaha Illallahu Isa Ruhuullah.” During the last prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sm) the kalema is “La Ilahah Illahllahu Muhammadur Rasullullah.”
That is all the followers of Prophets and Rasuls, according to their kalema they first recognized Allah and next they cited the name of their prophets as they were obedient to their prophets.

Sufi Samrat Hujur Qibla says, “All the Prophets and Rasuls from Hazrat Adam (As) to the Last Prophet Muhammad (Sm) brought the Divine Message from Allah. Those who obey the decrees of that ages are the believers is Allah. And then the religion is named after the prophet of that time i.e,. Isayee Religion, Musayee Religion, Ibrahimee Religion etc., Even the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) recognized all the religions of former age. For this, he said in a phase, “I am a man of Ibrahim (As)’s community.” He made the fulfillment the Islam reforming the Islam of past prophets.
Sufi Samrat Dewanbagi Hujur Qibla says, “Islam is the religion of all prophets and Rasuls from Adam (As) to Hazrat Mohammad (Sm). The internal meaning of every religion every prophet and every Rasul established the religion adopted with the age. In the same way, the final and last prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sm) established a religion adopted with and scientific for the whole mankind. As we don’t follow the religious of the former prophets, we follow Islam preached by world prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sm). So, this religion should be named Hazrat Mohammad (Sm) and should be Mohammadi Islam. Besides this, different Tafsir writers addressed Islam as Din-e Mohammadi in there books, In fact, it is the Mohammadi Islam.” After demise of Hazrat Rasul (Sm), during the reign Umaiya Dynasty, ‘Mohammadi Islam’ becomes only ‘Islam’ leaving the word ‘Mohammadi’.
In this skilful technique, the Muslins were made separated from Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) and it turned the Muslim community into a rudderless group. So, today we come puzzled when we hear the religion named Mohammadi Islam. But in the world there are so many religions, doctrines and ideologies and they are established with the names of the founders.
Even the different Mazhabs and Tarikas are established with the leaders, names of this Mazhabs and Tarikas. For example, Hanafi Mazhab is named after Imam (leader) Abu Hanifa (Rh), Shayefi Mazhab after Imam Shayefi (Rh), Maliki Mazhab after Imam Malek (Rh), Hambali Mazhab after Imam Hambal (Rh).
In the same way. Kaderia Tarika is named of Gaus-e-Pak Hazrat Abdul Kader Zilani (Rh), Chistia Tariqa named of Garibe Newaz Hazrat Khawja Moinuddin Chishti (Rh), Naksbandia Tarika named of Khawja Bahauddin Naksband (Rh), Mozaddedia Tarika named of Hazrat Shayakh Ahmed Mozadded Al-Fasani (Rh), Sultania Mozaddia Tarika named of Imam Sayed Abul Fazal Sultan Ahmed Chaudrapuri (Rh).
In the same way, those who explain (Tafsir) the Quran, made the Tafsir according their names, e.g. Tafsir-e-Jalalaine, Tafsir-e-Ibne Abbas, Tafsir-e-Tabari, Tafsir-e-Ibne Kasir etc.
On the other hand, those who collected the Hadiths of Hazrat Rasul (Sm) name their Hadiths according to their names e.g. Bokhari, Muslim, Tirmiji etc. And Muhammad (Sm) gave the Quran the complete code of life including Elme Shariah, Tarikah, Hakikah and Marfah for the salvation of mankind and it is called Mohammadi Islam.
So the Mohammadi Islam is not a doctrine. It is the religion selected by Allah and preached by Hazrat Mohammad (Sm). Regarding this, Sufi Samrat Hujur Qibla says, “If someone can bear the ideology and teachings of Mohammadi Islam, they can perceive peace of Islam in their worldly lives.”
For this reason, Sufi Samrat Hujur Qibla is preaching Mohammadi Islam all over the world Mohammadi Islam it is the religious philosophy of Sufi Samrat Hujur Qiblajan that was originator of Hazrat Rasul (Sm).