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About Dewanbag Sharif

History of Dewanbag Sharif

About Dewanbag Sharif

Establish Babe Jannat, Dewanbag Sharif
On the day of holy Ashura, The great reformer Sufi Samrat Hujur Qiblajan established Babe Jannat, Dewanbag Sharif at Narayanganj on the 10th Muharram, 1407 Hijri; September 26, 1985, Ashwin 9 Bengali year 1392, Thursday. In order to establishing Darbar Sharif situated at Dewanbag, Sufi Samrat Hujur Qiblajan was known and familiar as Dewanbagi all over the world.

Establish Central Darbar Sharif
After abolition the temporary office at 154 Arambag, Sufi Samrat Hujur Qibla established Babe Rahmat, Dewanbag Sharif at 147 Arambag, Motijheel, Dhaka in 1992 as the central office. From then, he has been staying here and preaching Mohammadi Islam across the country and abroad.

Establish Other Darbar Sharif
For the propagating of Mohammadi Islam and make Ashek-e-Rasul, Sufi samrat Hujur Qiblajan established 12 Darbar Sharif in various districts of Bangladesh, these are—
1. Babe Jannat, Dewanbag Sharif at Narayanganj in 1985.
2. Babe Madina, Dewanbag Sharif at Kamalapur, Motijheel, Dhaka in 1987.
3. Babe Rahmat, Dewanbag Sharif at 147 Arambag, Motijheel, Dhaka in 1992
4. Babe Najat, Dewanbag Sharif at Satdargah, Pirgacha thana, Dist-Rangpur in1995.
5. Babe Barkat, Dewanbag Sharif at Trishal thana, District-Mymensingh in 1998.
6. Babe Niyamat, Dewanbag Sharif at Arampara, Chuadanga in 2006.
7. Babe Mahdi, Dewanbag Sharif at Kamalapur, Dhaka in 2007.
8. Babe Morshed, Dewanbag Sharif at Bahadurpur, Ashuganj thana, Brahmanbaria, 2008.
9. Babe Ferdous, Dewanbag Sharif at Maghbazar, Ramna, Dhaka, 2009.
10. Babe Magfirat, Dewanbag Sharif at Bhatihari, Chittagong, in 2010.
11. Babe Jannatul Mawa, Dewanbag Sharif at Chayabithi, Gazipur, 2010
12. Babe Noor, Dewanbag Sharif at Nowdapara, Rajshahi, in 2010.

Sufi Samrat also established more than thousand mosques and Khankah Sharif in different districts of the country and abroad in UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Japan, Pakistan, Sweden, Bahrain, Qatar, Greece, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, Italy, Singapore, Cyprus, Denmark, Kuwait, France, South Korea, UK, USA.
With a view to preaching the ideals of Hazrat Rasul (Sm) worldwide, he has formed World Ashek-e-Rasul Organisation and Ashek-e-Rasul Parishad.